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Cloud River Academy


READ BELOW!!!!  Important, current information will now be displayed here on the main page

Welcome back for the 2012-2013 school year at Cloud River Academy!  Expect to see updates to this website in the near future.


Important memo concerning Absenteeism and Cell Phone Usage

Please click here to read the recent memo that was sent home concerning the problems at our school regarding absenteeism and cell phone usage.



Contacts Updated

We have a few new members in our staff.  Check the contacts page to see who they are and what they are teaching.



Late Assignments and Missed Tests


Assignment due dates

Assignments should be passed in on their given due date.  If a student misses this due date, they will be given a grace period of a few days to complete the assignment.  After this grace period, if the student has still not passed in the missing work, the student in question will have to serve an in-school suspension at which time they will need to complete the late assignment(s).  Parents will be contacted so that they know their child is serving an in-school suspension due to late assignments.  The student will be responsible for catching up on the class time that they miss due to the in-school suspension.

Missed Tests

If a student misses a test, they will have to write the test once they have returned to school.  If the student is not prepared to write the test, they will have to return to their home until they are prepared to write the test. 




This site is under construction, so drop back often!


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